3 Steps to selct your product

Please follow the three steps to choose you product. After you can design your product by clicking to "DESIGN NOW". There you can customize your travelmap and order it after. After a few days you will receive your personal travelmap and you can sign or pin your travelled countries. The travelmap is the perfect memory for all your travels.

1. Step: Frame

Stretcher frame
Our topseller, the world map printed on canvas and stretched on a wooden strechter frame like photo cavans prints. Can be used for signing or pinning visited places. Show your most beautiful travel moments.
Picture frame
In the black wooden picture frame the worldmap appears even more valuable. To sign the countries, the glass panel need to be removed. Just recomended to sign the visited countries.
Canvas only
The canvas as poster can be used to improve by your self or hang it as poster on the wall. You can also take this map with you on travels.

2. Step: Map design

The worldmap shows the borders of the countries
The worldmap shows the borders and from larger countries also the states (USA, Canada, China, Australia).
The worldmap has is presented with the names of the countries in the form of the countries.
The flags of the countries are printed in grey so that you can colour them.

3. Step: Background

The background of the map is white.
You can choose every colour as background. The background is plain.
Choose the ocean as beackground.